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Overton Square Memphis, TN
Overton Square, Memphis, TN
Problem Presented: Roof was leaking because of inadequate drainage, debris on roof and old skylights.
Electrolux, Memphis, TN
Electrolux, Memphis, TN
Problem Presented: Both buildings were new construction. The flat guardhouse deck was installed incorrectly.
Chuck Hutton Chevrolet Memphis
Chuck Hutton Chevrolet
Chuck Hutton Chevrolet, Memphis, TN, 145,000 sq ft
  • New Construction

    Medford Roofing realizes that new construction projects require extensive planning. For this reason we work directly with industry leaders to help provide strategic plans that consistently deliver the most effective results. We also understand that each new construction project is uniquely different so our extensive knowledge will ensure that you will receive the most effective roof system and all of your roofing needs will be met. With our quick response times, Medford Roofing is able to get the job done on time and within budget.  Because of our past experiences, we are able to service a wide range of industries; which include but are not limited to, healthcare, educational, government, retail, industrial, and more.  

  • Roof Replacement

    Medford Roofing understands that business must continue as usual when your commercial building roof needs to be replaced.  By working quickly, after hours, and weekends, we ensure minimal or no impact on your daily operations.   Additionally, Medford Roofing is fully committed to maintaining a safe work environment.  Because of our vast experience working with building owners, property managers and general contractors, we are able to meet logistical difficulties, as well as, individual requirements.

  • Repairs

    Medford Roofing understands that all roofs are susceptible to deficiencies that can lead to future leaks. Water infiltration can compromise the internal structure of the building, damage inventory and equipment, and put people at risk of injury from slipping on the wet surface. Commercial property repairs need to be done quickly and right the first time in order to avoid disrupting daily operations.  With Medford Roofing’s extensive experience in leak location and repairs, we are able to fix your problem immediately and ensure that there will be little to no down time in your business operations.

  • Inspections and Maintenance

    Many people do not realize that roof manufacturers require the proper care and maintenance of their roofs before they will approve a warranty claim.  For example, roof drains need to be cleared of debris in order to ensure the proper drainage of water and prevent future leaks.  Medford Roofing understands that roof costs are a major concern of building owners and property managers.  With a comprehensive roof inspection and maintenance plan, we are able to extend the life of your roof.  A well-maintained roof can last many years beyond its warranty period.  By being proactive instead of reactive, you will increase your overall roof savings and decrease life cycle costs.  Furthermore, a clean roof will reflect the suns rays more effectively and help you save money on energy costs as well.

Why Choose Us

  • Our services provide financial benefit to clients by reducing energy costs, lowering or eliminating the cost of repairs, as well as, the future cost of replacing water-damaged items
  • We offer many different roofing options to ensure that every client's roofing needs are met
  • We provide roof inspections and explain the findings in such a way that they fully understand the condition of the roof
  • We only employ qualified roofers that have been properly trained in all types of roof installations and safety, as well as, maintain all proper certifications

 The price was competitive, they showed up on schedule, the job was completed on time, and the workmanship was top notch....

- Gregg R. Overman
Owner, The River City Soap Co.

 This year, hail damaged the roofs of all our buildings, twenty-nine buildings total. Fortunately, insurance covered the cost of the repairs. As requir...

- Christine Ashcraft
Executive Director at the Gallaway Housing Authority.

 I have worked with Medford Roofing and Repair on two construction projects in the Memphis area. The first project was a 3.5 million dollar renovation ...

- Mitch Ballard
Superintendent Linkous Construction Co. Inc.

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