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  • The Importance of Summer Roof Maintenance

    The Importance of Summer Roof Maintenance

    Tuesday, August 1, 2017 Maintenance

    With the high temperatures, humidity, and pounding rain, the summer weather can bring challenging weather conditions. Therefore, especially this time of the year, it is important to take the time to check commercial roofs and have roofing system maintenance performed. By being ahead of your roofing maintenance, issues can be found before they become expensive repairs and you can help prevent costly repairs. Getting your commercial roof checked annually will help keep the roof in good shape. One of the best times of year to get a commercial roof inspected is during the summer.

    Summer Commercial Roof Maintenance Checklist

    Because summers in Memphis mean hot days, it is better to have your roofing checklist done in the morning when it is cooler. The following are our tips for checking the condition of your roof:

    • Do a complete walk around your building to inspect the roof. Especially look for shingle lift, missing shingles, moss, or debris that is in any corners.
    • Check the metal strips, called flashing, around the vents, gutters, etc.
    • Look under the eaves and in the gutters for debris and have it removed.
    • Make sure no pests are living on the roof
    • Have any hanging tree limbs on the roof removed
      • The roof can handle summer heat and storms
      • The roof is in good condition
    • Roof maintenance is a top priority in the summer for commercial roofs. Make sure you hire a professional to inspect the roof annually, which can help reduce the costs of repairs. Checking commercial roofs can assure you of three main important factors:

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